About me

Hey! I’m Haley, a wife, dog mom, daughter, friend, and a personal development blogger on topics about healthy relationships and self-care.

I’ve been with my husband for 8 years (almost 9), since I was 15 years old! We did long distance for the first 5 years all throughout high school and then for the first couple years of his journey joining the Navy. I’ve learned so much about what a healthy relationship takes to survive huge hardships, especially at such a young age when nobody believes you’ll make it. It takes such a strong mindset and so much effort, but the reward is so worth it!

I’m also a huge advocate for self care and self love. Making time for yourself is so important! I have definitely had my fair share of struggles with anxiety, and there are so many tactics I have learned that have helped me tremendously. I just wish I would’ve taken the time back then to implement the strategies talked about all across this blog, because it would’ve saved me so much stress in the long run. Remember that this blog is not therapy, it is purely meant as a guide to help based off of my personal experiences!

Something I like to discuss throughout this blog is taking care of your mental health while in a relationship. I think that’s something that’s not always talked about – having anxiety in a relationship. As I’ve grown over the years I’ve been able to learn what it truly means to love myself and take care of myself and my mental health while still being in a relationship. I think it has made me a better wife, friend, and overall partner to my husband.

I like to talk about both self love and relationship advice in all that I do because I think they definitely intertwine! Thinking positively about yourself, having respect for yourself, and knowing your own personal boundaries can all only help you even more whether if you’re single or in a relationship. So let’s start manifesting healthy, freeing, and rewarding love for ourselves!

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