Top 6 Self Care Habits To Include In Your Bedtime Routine

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Winding down at the end of the day is my favorite! I personally love having time for just me before bed. My mind spins with thoughts all the time, so it’s super important for me to take care of my mind before bed. Otherwise, I’ll be up all night and won’t be able to calm it down!

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Everyone has their own rituals that helps them relax and unwind, so you can incorporate whichever habits you think will work best for you!

These are my top 6 self care habits that I include in my bedtime routine:

1 – Go for an evening walk

I like to get in an evening walk with my dogs for all of us to get a little exercise in, and it’s also calming as well! Walks definitely help clear my mind and unwind. I also live in an extremely hot area, so walks in the evenings are best. Either way though, it’s nice to get outside and release some stress and tension this way!

2 – Brush, floss and rinse!

I bet you weren’t expecting for me to say something so basic! I have recently tried to make flossing and using mouthwash part of my routine in addition to brushing my teeth. I feel accomplished when I do it! It’s good for you to do, so might as well make it part of your routine!

3 – Wash your face

I sometimes wash my face earlier in the day, but if not then I try to do it at night. I’ll also add on my eye cream and face lotion to soothe my face. It feels clean and ready for bed! You can also make a whole spa night if you want, with face masks and a nice warm, relaxing bath!

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4 – Write in your journal

It’s important for me to journal to get my feelings out because otherwise I will be thinking about random things all night. Literally. If something is going on in my life then I’ll think about that, but sometimes, even when nothing is bothering me, my mind will still find something to obsess over. It doesn’t have to be a long entry, just a way to help calm your mind. Journaling is a great stress reliever!

5 – Pray / Meditate

If you are close to your higher power, I highly recommend praying before bed. Give all your worries to your higher power. It is beyond relieving. If you are not religious, mediation is another form of practice you can use to release and let go for the night. I love meditating, as it really helps me calm my mind down if my mind is running a million miles a minute. Definitely recommend making this part of your nightly routine!

6 – Watch a TV show!

So every website you read will say to NOT watch TV before bed, but I find that it really helps me relax and unwind to do so! If you are not for TV before bed, you can also read a book. The point is to do something that is fun, but not stimulating for you. That way you can enjoy some “me” time before bed. And for me, that is watching a show! I personally am guilty of watching reality TV…

Do you have a bedtime routine? Share your tips below!

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13 thoughts on “Top 6 Self Care Habits To Include In Your Bedtime Routine

  1. Love these tiny tricks to make your bedtime routine more mindful 🙂 Especially as they’re easy to implement – and after a long day, that’s what will help us to persevere. I have been doing long evening walks (as well as morning strolls) for quite some time. It helps me to slow down, unwind, set myself free, and quiet my mind. Will look into more ways to relax at night. I don’t have a TV and prefer books, but maybe it helps sometimes to just sit back and watch a documentary – thanks for sparking those thoughts just now 🙂 Love, Susanne

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Evening walks are so great to unwind like you said! That’s a great idea to watch a documentary to relax as well, their voices can be so calming and put you right to sleep!


  2. I love doing all of these at bedtime! I need to start writing in my journal more often! I have my morning routine figured out perfectly, but my night routine is a bit up in the air.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Journaling is amazing if you can make a habit of it! I feel like I am the opposite – I’m getting good at my night routine, but need to work on my morning routine! Lol!


  3. I also brush, floss, rinse before bed. I definitely make sure I floss every single night even though I know a lot of people skip this. It is a good habit to get into. Also, I pray every night. I thank God for all that He provided, including protection, and I ask Him for help with my concerns. That helps give me peace because God relieves me of those burdens. And I am guilty of engaging in screen time before bed even though it’s supposedly bad for you. Sometimes it’s watching TV, and sometimes it is responding to those final notifications of the night so I don’t wake up to a bunch to respond to in the morning. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awesome habits indeed! I personally enjoy taking evening walks, brushing my teeth & washing my face (and adding a soothing cream), and watching a favorite TV show every night before bed. I really like the other habits listed here. Would be a great idea to add them to the mix too. Thank you for sharing this, much appreciated 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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