30 Day Self Care Challenge

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I have been wanting to do this for a while, and I see lot’s of other bloggers doing this so I am jumping on the train! I am going to do this 30 day self care challenge, and I also challenge you to do the same!

Self care is so, so, so important. I am VERY passionate about this because I see so many people not take time for themselves, and get caught up in doing things for everyone else, except themselves. And this is how you get mentally and emotionally drained. It’s time to put YOU first!

I also am choosing now to start this because I am noticing I am getting a little lazy… or just not really motivated to do much. I go through waves with this. I work from home, so that definitely doesn’t help! I’ve been super lazy and not wanting to do anything but watch reality TV this entire week (don’t judge me). I feel like I’m forcing myself to get up to do basic things like dishes. Zero energy. So it’s time for a pep in my step!

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It’s time for all of us to make ourselves a priority. Don’t rely on motivation for this – go off of dedication instead, and make a commitment to yourself to show yourself some self love this month!

Here we go!

Day 1 – Write in your journal

I am a huge advocate for writing in your journal, yet I definitely admit I do not make it a daily habit. I do a lot of writing with this blog, and don’t think to do it later. But it’s a must for mental health! And it’s for sure something I want to work on and make more of habit to do. Journaling helps so much with getting those anxious thoughts out, and finding things to be grateful for in the midst of your struggles. When I have a good brain dump, I feel so much better! All of my thoughts feel like they are just all over the place in my head, so writing it all out on paper really does help set things straight up there.

Day 2 – Spend time with a friend or loved one

I love to be by myself, if I’m being honest. I have a very small circle, and I’ve always had it that way since I was a kid. And I wouldn’t change it for anything, because to me, I don’t need tons of friends if I have a few that are close to my heart and truly there for me. With that said, I suck at keeping communication going sometimes and reaching out. So today, let’s go spend some time with a loved one! I am going out of town this day to go be with my momma, who is also like a best friend to me. 🙂

Day 3 – Watch a movie

Movie day! Sit back and relax with your favorite movie. Or, if there’s a theater open near you, go out and watch one!

Day 4 – Go on a walk

Getting some fresh air feels SO good! And when I go for a nice little walk, even if it’s just 20 minutes, I feel productive and good about myself. If you have some furbabies, take them with you for some brisk exercise!

Day 5 – Binge watch your favorite TV show

I do this all the time, so maybe it’s not something new to implement, but it definitely feels like some good self lovin’ time when I do it! Relax and watch a few episodes of your favorite show!

Day 6 – Meditate / Practice Mindfulness

I will always be an advocate for meditation. The moment I learned how to pause my mind from racing, and instead be mindful and be in the present moment, my life changed. Not dramatic, totally serious! I went from taking medications to not needing to take anything for my anxiety anymore, and meditation/mindfulness plays a HUGE part in that. So today let’s spend 10 minutes in the here and now! I recommend using the Calm app for this – no promo, just a great app full of inspiring and guided meditations!

Day 7 – Cook a meal

I am very lucky that my husband literally loves to cook, and at that his meals always taste AMAZING! So I don’t really ever cook, but today I’m going to cook a nice meal for us!

Day 8 – Read a book

I go through periods where I love reading, and then go months not reading anything, but I really do like reading so I’m going to try and get back into it!

Day 9 – Exercise

Working out always makes me feel so good afterwards. It definitely can be hard to find the motivation sometimes, but show up for yourself! Exercise is great for mental health!

Day 10 – Write down 3 things you’re grateful for.

Finding things to be grateful for throughout the day helps keep us grounded and reminds us of positive things when we are feeling negative.

Day 11 – Stay off social media

As I’m sure most of us are, I am guilty of being on social media way too much. I am proud though that I deleted my twitter account a few months back, and I honestly don’t miss it! I just felt like I would mindlessly scroll through my feed, and when I would read comments everyone on that app just seemed so mad all the time. Which got me mad! No reason for excess negative energy. I also have tried to stay off Facebook this week, so far so good! But I still love Instagram and Pinterest… so today I am going to stay off altogether. It’s unhealthy for us to spend so much time online! Go be with someone you love or do something productive today instead.

Day 12 – Dance to your favorite songs

Some people will feel awkward doing this, however when I work out I notice I always get caught up in the song playing and will dance between sets. It’s a great way to release stress and it feels freeing! Try it!

Day 13 – Try yoga

People make yoga look so easy but it’s soooo not…have you tried it?! It’s hard! But there are some simple yoga exercises that can release stress, so let’s try it!

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Day 14 – Eat some ice cream

Listen, all we hear all day long is to eat healthy. On TV, online, everywhere! And I’m not saying to ignore that, in fact I have been making it a habit anyways to eat healthy because I feel so much better when I do. But sometimes for some self love, you just need some ice cream! You shouldn’t feel bad about having it in moderation, so today let’s let loose!

Day 15 – Go a whole evening without being on your phone

This is hard!! That’s actually sad to say… because we all need to get off our phones sometimes and be in the present moment! You can put on TV, go outside and do something, go hang with friends… just do something, ANYTHING but be on your phone. It will feel so good!

Day 16 – Bake something

Although earlier I said I hate cooking, I love baking! Bake some cookies or your favorite dessert today!

Day 17 – Use a face mask

Face masks are super soothing, which is just what we need for some self lovin’ today!

Day 18 – Organize something in your home

There is always something in your home that needs to be decluttered or organized, and today is the day to do it.

Day 19 – Color something

Coloring is actually very relaxing, so whether it be a painting, coloring book, or even an app on your phone, color something for fun today.

Day 20 – Write down 5 things you love about yourself

It’s so easy to let your mind tell you negative things about yourself. This is why using positive affirmations is so important. Change your thoughts, change your life! It’s true though, if you tell yourself negative things all day long everyday, then you will believe that about yourself. So today, write down 5 things you love about yourself instead.

Day 21 – Try doing a hair tutorial

I always want to do more with my hair but, even though I’m super girly, I suck at being girly. I have tried hair tutorials in the past but give up and pretty much always wear my hair straight since it always ends up straight anyways. But I really want to learn how to do more with it, so today I’m going to attempt learning a new hairstyle!

Day 22 – Don’t say anything negative about anyone today

I feel like I am a kind person, truly, but even the kindest of people will get annoyed with someone about something. So today, let’s try to put out positive energy only. If something upsetting happens, just walk away.

Day 23 – Learn something new

Try learning something new today! Anything! I want to learn other languages, so I’m going to try and start that today.

Day 24 – Dress up

During this pandemic, with not being able to go anywhere, lot’s of us haven’t even put on makeup in weeks or months. I work from home, so I literally am in pajamas everyday. So today, even if I’m not going anywhere, I’m going to put on makeup and wear a cute outfit to feel good about myself!

Day 25 – Play with animals

If you have some furbabies, play with them today! I feel guilty because I don’t always give my 2 pups the attention they deserve, so today I am going to play with them and love on them!

Day 26 – Spend time alone

Being with people is great, but this is the time to focus on you! Whatever you like to do alone, whether it be watching TV, reading, listening to music, etc. Do that today! Light a candle and relax with just yourself.

Day 27 – Do a breathing exercise

Take some time today to pause and breathe. Life can easily get overwhelming, and it’s important to take it one step at a time and just breathe.

Day 28 – Take a warm bath/shower

A warm bubble bath or a warm shower always feels so amazing. You can even light some candles to set the mood and relax.

Day 29 – Text a friend

With life being hectic and days passing by, we often can forget to keep up with our friends. Text a friend today to catch up!

Day 30 – Write down a new goal you want to achieve

We made it to the end, but we should always work on improving ourselves! Write down a goal or healthy habit that you want to implement into your life.

Are you going to try this challenge with me?! What are some self love tips you can share below?

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18 thoughts on “30 Day Self Care Challenge

  1. Such a mindful post with so many wonderful challenges to explore! I love how you are encouraging us to not only stay healthy, but also to have some fun (the ice cream part! Yay!) I have just jotted down a few of these tips and tricks to implement in my routine. Thank you for the inspiration! Love, Susanne

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am just now recovering from an awful bout with my sinuses and am overdue for some selfcare. I love that the items on this list are a mix between mental and physical selfcare actions. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy you’re feeling better! Sickness requires you to take it easy, so I’m happy you’re on the mend and able to get into a self care routine again! It’s so important to take care of yourself mentally and physically for the best self care!


  3. Great post! I love the idea of doing a 30-day challenge, and this is something so important to me. I’m sure it would help make self-care a more intentional activity in daily life. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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