10 Ways To Make Your Significant Other Feel Loved This Valentine’s Day

First off – Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I’ll be honest, my hubby and I don’t go too crazy on Valentine’s Day because we feel like you should show your partner some love every day of the year! When we were teenagers (yes, we’ve been together that long – since we were 15!) we definitely went crazy with it every year because it was so fun! The gifts, the chocolate, the teddy bears, the flowers!

But over the years, we realized we have literally bought each other every gift under the moon. Wallet? Done. Shoes? Done. Hmm…what else does he even need?? Same for me, he’s bought me jewelry, personalized gifts, etc. So we decided to not make it that huge of a thing anymore, but still acknowledge it and do something special for each other!

I think this is the best way to spoil your significant other honestly, because it really does make them feel so loved and special! Gifts are fun, don’t get me wrong, but a true memory comes from the little things we do to go out of our way for each other. Plus, it’s cheaper!

Ok enough of being cheesy, let’s get to it!

1 – Make breakfast in bed

You know the true way to your man or girl’s heart is through food! Make their favorite breakfast foods whether it be pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, you name it! Then surprise them in bed and watch them fall in love with you all over again.

2- Go out for a nice dinner

Going out for a fancy dinner never gets old! Dress up in your best dress and suit, and find a super nice restaurant to dine in at. Date nights are the best!

3 – Or, have a nice homemade candlelit dinner at home!

You may not feel comfortable going out to eat yet due to the pandemic, and that’s ok! Who says you can’t make a nice homemade meal at home? I will admit, my husband is the most amazing cook on the planet so we actually do this often and I think we will do this again this year as well because YUM! However if you are blessed with cooking skills like mine, you might not have the best tasting dinner ever, but the thought behind it still counts! Light some candles and get to cookin’!

4 – Have a spa night

Who doesn’t love a relaxing spa night? You can go all out with this one! Get some face masks, put on some relaxing music, and chill out together. Maybe you can add in a nice bubble bath, or even give your partner a massage!

5- Make a coupon book

I did this for my husband last year, not for Valentine’s Day but for his birthday. It was a hit! I wrote out little things like “one free massage” “one free homemade dinner” and I also added others like “one whole day without any complaints from me” – funny for him, not for me! He hasn’t used that one yet thankfully, but nonetheless he loved it and throughout the year has been turning those coupons in!

6 – Bake some cookies

I do this every year for every event, because you can’t go wrong with cookies! You can pick up a box from the store and bake them, or you can make homemade ones as well (sooo much better). You can even add some little decorations to it too and add some sprinkles and frosting on top!

7 – Movie marathon!

If there’s ever a time to Netflix and chill, it’s now. Find some fun movies and plan it out for the entire day! If you really want your significant other to feel special, put on his/her favorite movies too, even if they’re not your favorite – they will love it!

8 – Plan a vacation

Whether it be a little weekend getaway or a full on vacay, spending quality time together is the best gift ever! What is something your partner absolutely loves to do? Maybe it’s skiing, or going on a cruise. Go out of your way to make sure you can have a fun vacation this Valentine’s Day!

9 – Recreate your first or favorite date

This sounds like so much fun! My first date with my husband was ice skating, and we haven’t been since so I know for me, I would love to recreate our first date! Or maybe another date sticks out in your mind as your favorite. Recreate that then!

10 – Go to the arcade!

Why do we ever have to grow up?! Going to the arcade and playing games together is so much fun, and brings back your child-like self! We all need to let it out sometimes, and this is the perfect date to do so!

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas on how to spoil your significant other with love this Valentine’s Day! What are you going to do this year? Comment below!

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